The best beaches are along the western coast of the island and Haad Sai Khao Beach on the western
coast is the most popular, with the largest concentration of boutique hotels and guesthouses, beer
bars, International & Thai restaurants and Internet Cafes.
Most of the accommodation here is low-rise and clusters tightly along the beachfront. The wide white sandy
beach is excellent for all beach activities, including volleyball and football.
Had Sai Khao is a Thai name which is known among many visitors as the “White Sand Beach”. Koh Chang
has now become familiar to all visitors both Thais and internationals. Most visitors to the islands are foreigners.
Koh Chang has more benefits in terms of its location, because travelling to the islands is not far from
Bangkok A lot of activities like trekking, diving, fishing and kayaking are very enjoyable here. The White Sand
Beach (Had Sai Khao) is truly the Center of Koh Chang. The Beach is surrounded by the community of visitors,
but it has not beaten those places mentioned above yet. In the future, it will rival those places. It is said
you have never been to Koh Chang unless you visit White Sand Beach