Koh Mak is perfect for relaxing and soaking up the suns on one of the many beautiful, deserted, white sand beaches
and swimming in the stunning clear blue water.Because the island is small and flat its perfect for exploring and getting close to nature on one of the jungle walks or for the more adventurous there is a 3 hour cycle track through plantations, jungle tracks, villages and along the coastline. Being on the edge of the Koh Rang natural park there are many beautiful places to snorkel and scuba dive. The best corals can be seen at Koh Kra and Koh Tong Lang. There are many deep sites at Koh Rang for scuba divers to explore, trips can be arranged at one of the islands dive shops.

Ko Mak has 27 km coastline, many long sand beaches, a few hills and it is about 16 km² in area. 

Ko Mak is perfect for relaxing. Because you can bicycle through coconut plantations along the coastline. There are about 25 resorts on Ko Mak. Activities include sea kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and motorbiking, also at low season.
Both Ko Kham and Ko Phi can be easily reached with sea kayak from the resorts on north west coast of Ko Mak. Both little islands have nice places to snorkel, depending on the direction of wind.

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