Ko Kood is the fourth largest island of Thailand and the second largest in the area behind Ko Chang. It is the closest island to the Cambodian border in Trat province, approximately 330 km southeast from Bangkok and doesn’t belong to the Mu Ko Chang National Park anymore. Ko Kood (often also written Ko Kot or Ko Kut) extends over almost 23 kilometers in length, about 9 kilometers in width and has a size of about 129 square kilometers.

Arrival to Ko Kood
During high-season there are dailyboats from Baan Bang Bao in the south of Ko Chang to Ko Mak. As the departure times change quite often, it is best if you check it out when you are on Ko Chang. Tickets are available in almost all travel agencies on Ko Chang.

From the pier at the west coast of Ko Mak take one of the taxis that are waiting there and go to the pier at the other side of Ko Mak (Ao Nid Pier). From there a speedboat leaves at about 11.45 am to Ko Kood, the journey takes about 30 minutes.
The boats to Ko Mak only leave if there are enough passengers, so it may happen that some trips are cancelled!
In low-season between May and November there are no regular boat connections.
During high-season there are also boats from Trat (Laem Sok Pier) and Laem Ngop to Ko Kood, but because they only leave irregularly, better ask in the travel agencies, the taxi-stops or at the piers.
(October 2007. All information refer to high-season between November and May. Occasionally, due to high waves, the boats are even unable to leave at this time of the year.
Depending on the weather conditions, boats often can’t leave to Ko Kood in low-season between May/June and October/November.)

Infrastructure on Ko Kood
Ko Kood is rather flat compared to Ko Chang. The highest mountain, the Khao Phaenth measures 315 meters. It residents a good amount of wonderful beaches, all located at the west coast, with crystal clear water (Ta Pho Beach, Khlong Chao Beach, Thakian Beach, Phrao Beach etc.).

Inside the island it is wild and a lot of coconut- and rubber-tree-plantations are located in the plains.

opulation on Ko Kood
Most of the island inhabitants live off the cultivation of coconut, rubber production or fishing. But meanwhile the expanding tourism industry gives more and more work to the still less than 2000 inhabitants.

Visitors on Ko Kood
Due to the rising popularity of Ko Chang and the surrounding islands also Ko Kood has rising numbers of visitors. In 2006 about 56.000 guests came to the 4th biggest island in Thailand, in 2007 there were already almost 77.000 visitors on Ko Kood which means an increase of about 36 %. Also here the number of foreign guests increase disproportionate to the number of Thai visitors. So in 2007 the growth of Thais increased to about 28 % while the number of Farangs (Westerners) increased to more than 100 %. In 2007 the average stay of Thais on Ko Kood was a bit less than 3 days while foreign holidaymakers stayed almost 5 days. As well as on Ko Chang increasing numbers of visitors can be assumed for Ko Kood within the next years. (Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand)
In contrast to Ko Chang and Ko Mak almost all hotels and bungalow resorts on Ko Kood are oriented to Thai guests. So you will hardly find cheap accommodations, most of the resorts are in the middle or expensive price segment.
The Thai visitors usually come at public holidays and weekends by group tours from Bangkok or the mainland and are brought to Ko Kood with the speed boats of the resorts they booked. So during weekends and public holidays the hotels and bungalow resorts on Ko Kood are mostly well frequented while during the week they are often almost empty. Due to the fact that most of the guests are picked up by the boats of the resorts or hotels, regular boat service is only guaranteed during high season. During low season arrival and departure can be quite difficult (see above). As soon as there is a reliable and regular ferry service we will present hotels and bungalow resorts on Ko Kood as well.

Travelling-Time for Ko Kood
The best time for a visit on Ko Kood is between the beginning of November and the end of February. At this time it is relatively cool, dry and mostly sunny. It gets hotter and hotter until the end of May, but a visit during these months is still pleasant. Even during the monsoon Ko Kood is worth a journey because it doesn’t rain every day all day (see also „Travelling-Time and Weather on Ko Chang„).

Activities on Ko Kood
Beside being lazy on the beach, snorkelling at on of the beautiful coral reefs or just watching stars at night, one can visit the islands Ko KraKo Maisi Lek or Ko RaetKo Kra is meant to be one of the most beautiful diving grounds in the Gulf of Thailand.

Some of the more expensive bungalow resorts on Ko Kood offer Banana-, Donut-boat-trips and water-skiing. Also snorkel trips to the surroungind islands can be booked. In addition you can do drop line fishing at the beaches and bays or rent a boat over night to try your luck during night time.

Sights on Ko Kood
The village Aow Salad (Baan Aow Salad) in the Salad Bay (Aow Salad) is located in the northeast part of the island. It is the biggest fishing-village on Ko Kood where you can buy fresh seafood every day.
The marvellous waterfall Nam Tok Khlong Chao or Than Sanuk Waterfall, which was visited by King Rama VI in 1911, is one of the most beautiful spots to be found on Ko Kood. It consists of 3 tiers: the upper two are running streams and the lower one is a large pond – an ideal place for swimming.
Also the wonderful unspoiled mangrove forests along the river Khlong Chao are worth a visit.