Ko Chang has much more to offer than just regular holiday relaxation. Not only the many beaches, bays and villages make Ko Chang a little paradise, but also many other sights and points of interest.

We give you information about activities & leisure on Ko Chang, and presents some of the locations that are worth a visit: The waterfallsKo Changs sunken Sea-Battle-Wrecks, the Buddhist Temples, the Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park offices with museum or the beautiful viewpoints – partly with virtual reality, panorama pictures, maps, photos, helpful information and description of ways.
In addition we introduce the exclusive KON TIKI Snorkelingtours & Adventure Cruises, the SEA ADVENTURES Catamaran Sailingtrips and the diving school BB DIVERS on own pages with information and pictures.

Ko Chang has various leisure offers for active holidaymakers as well as a relaxed beach vacation, e.g. snorkeling, sailing, diving or mountain-biking. In many locations, there are snooker tables, volleyball fields and table tennis tables. Many resorts rent kayaks and during high season they and many travel agencies arrange all day boat tours to the surrounding islands.

We introduce the exclusive Kon Tiki Snorkelingtours & Adventure Cruises on an own page with information, pictures and contact data.
Since 2005 there is also a 13 m Catamaran on the island. During high season you can do daily sailingtrips and snorkelingtours to the surrounding islands of Ko Chang
. We also present the Sailingtrips with the SEA ADVENTURES CATAMARAN on an own page with pictures, information and contact data.

Scuba divers find fascinating dive sites off the shores of Ko Chang and the surrounding islands. Besides the many coral reefs, sunken warships can be visited in the Salak Phet Bay (see ‚What to do on Ko Chang?‚, ‚Ko Chang Remembrance – the sunken Warships‚). There are scuba diving schools at all beaches and villages along the west coast, where tours can be booked or various diving licences can be obtained. Also at Baan Bang Bao (the village in the Bang Bao Bay) you will find some diving schools.
If you are interested in diving, have a look at the page of this diving school: BB DIVERS at Baan Bang Bao, Lonely Beach, Long Beach and on Ko Wai. With it’s big range of courses it’s one of the biggest and best diving centres on the entire island.

Cars and scooters can be rented in most places, which makes the island easier to explore independently, however the motorbike driver should have some two-wheeler experience. The road becomes partly very steep and curvy south of Kai Bae Beach, which means untrained drivers can come into difficulties quite easily. Unfortunately taxi-drivers only pay a small amount of attention to motorbikes. Also attention should be paid to the street – big potholes are not an exception and quite often there is dirt or sand on the roads. Roadworks often don’t have danger signs which can be very dangerous, especially at night time.
And because every year people die in accidents, we want to remind you NOT to FORGET: In Thailand they drive on the left, so ALWAYS drive as far left as possible!

When renting a scooter you should ensure that both the brakes and the horn are in working order.

If you want to explore the island in a more environmentally-friendly way you can walk around Ko Chang within 3 – 5 days on the road or small paths. Also organized jungle treks with experienced guides can be booked in many travel agencies. And for the less ambitious, there are small paths all over which lead to short or long walks.

At all beaches, masseurs and masseuses offer traditional Thai massages. Many of the big hotels and bungalow resorts have their own first-class Spa and Wellness areas. In all beach villages, you’ll find small massage shops, mostly located directly at the road. In Baan Khlong Prao you can attend courses in traditional Thai massage.


In many villages on Ko Chang there are Tattoo parlours, whose standard is allegedly very good. Some Elephant Camps are situated on Ko Chang, which offer elephant-trekking into the jungle. At White Sand Beach you’ll find a monkey school, they have shows every day. At Kai Bae Beach there is a Parasail Centre: Hanging on a parachute you’ll be pulled behind a speed boat along the coast to enjoy the nearby beaches from above. At Bai Lan Bay you’ll find an adventure park and in Klong Prao you can fly with an ultralight airplane across the closer surrounding of Ko Chang.
Some of these attractions are only available during high season as there aren’t enough guests during low season.

Additionally Ko Chang offers many other attractions including waterfallsBuddhist Temples, the national park administration with the small museum or the beautiful viewpoints, which are all worth a visit.

And, of course, there are some „Party-Places” at most of the beaches: Bars and pubs that lure guests in the evening with music, fireworks and fire jugglers …

As you see, Ko Chang offers enough possibilities for you to enjoy the most beautiful holiday of your year.