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Since beginning in 2009 it is our goal to promote Koh Chang/Koh Mak and surrounding region to the rest of the world, and to help visitors make very most out of every visit here.

From iridescent sandy beaches where you can bask under the hot tropical sun, to candle-lit fine dining where you can relax with your loved ones and enjoy the finest food, Koh Chang brims with a wide variety of different pleasures, enabling you to enjoy your stay on the island, no matter if you’ve come for a couple of days or a couple of months.
There’s an extraordinary amount to do, and Koh Chang caters for many different kinds of holidaymakers. In the past it offered only the simplest of accommodation, along with the simplest of foods (it was basically a place to unwind and enjoy the sun and the sea), you can still enjoy this type of holiday here and live very economically.
But nowadays Koh Chang offers across-the-board variety and caters for both small and lavish budgets, mak-ing it a truly amazing destination.
There are breath-taking resorts set in beautiful locations and villas perched on hills in idyllic and completely private settings. And an array of five-star resorts offering world-class accommodation.
The same goes for the food. You can feast on both Thai and international cuisine. Treating yourself to dinners that range from cheap yet tasty, to pinnacles of sophis-tication and the kind of food you’d normally expect to find only in large, cosmopolitan cities.
With a little planning, you can enjoy a holiday on Koh Chang that reflects all you’d hope to find in a tropical idyll.  Whether it’s sheer simplicity you’re after or a de-luxe vacation; you’ll find that Koh Chang will satisfy all your needs and wants.  Not surprisingly, many people come here again and again, as there’s so much on offer.

Koh Chang, Thailand


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